Kai Kai from USA | 來自美國的凱凱


We have known Scot and Corrin for over 15 years. Actually, back when Pat and I were dating, we used to ride scooters everywhere in the northern Taiwan with them and take pictures! (The good old days and thanks you guys... blush! :-D) If I remember correctly, they moved back to US around 2001 or 2002. We still keep in touch from time to time. Every time the Anderson's came back, they would call us and hangout together.

It was the Christmas in 2013, the Anderson's came back to Taiwan. As usual, we went out for dinner in a restaurant near Xinpu station. We finally got to see their 18 months old cutie called Kai-Kai. After catching up with Corrin, we started to talk about Kai Kai's situation and realized that she is also looking for safe, high quality supplements and maybe an opportunity as well. So we began our USANA journey.

Here's the link to Kai-Kai's story, written with love by his wonderful mother, Corrin Chen ]



[ 這連結是Kai Kai的故事,由他超棒、超堅強的母親Corrin撰寫 ]

Chu Wei, 2000. Photographed by Scot Anderson.