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"Today is the first day of  our lives."

Well, I've decided to make this blog a brand new style along with my other blogs. I'm not going to talk about how great USANA is, how great MLM/direct selling may change your life, how wonderful everything is, blah blah... because 1.there're probably so many websites/blogs talking about it already; 2. life isn't always that perfect. Instead, I'd rather talk about how I feel and what's really going on in our daily lives.

First of all, I'm not a salesman. If I must, I'm more an artist, designer or educator (which is probably one of the reasons why I'm attracted by USANA.) I'm not very good at persuading people, but I really do love to share what I'm passionate about.

Second of all, I'm not perfect. So I try not to judge or tell people how they should live their lives. I believe everyone is entitled to make their own choices, and there are no so-called good or bad choices. The fun thing about the world is that we are all different and we all have different values. Perhaps you and I happen to share the same ones and get to see the world together, isn't that precious?

Lastly, to me, USANA isn't everything. It's a platform, an investment, an idea and a passion. What keeps me passionate is Dr. Wentz's vision and what he actually does, it's a dream but it provides normal people like us a seed of hope in this real world.

Perhaps by now you've started to think that I'm probably just a regular guy, it's ok, because I am. However, if you think that maybe we share the same values and you're interested, you're more than welcome to continue reading.

There're so many things in this world that are waiting for us to discover. I come from a business family, so I was taught to think that money is very important (or perhaps we're all taught that way.) However, I'm a rebellious child. I've always thought that even though money is important, it shouldn't be the only reason we live for. There're so many other things that also worth living for as well. Somehow I chose English and Art. I'm lucky enough to have a lot of people helping me along the way, nothing glamorous but the sense of ease and comfort has always been there. From time to time, I would still take a moment to slow down and wonder how big this world is and how little we are, would it be possible for me to cross that borderline and step into the world?

For years, I've tried various jobs, and I'm glad that most of the jobs are what I loved to do. For example, teaching English & Art, doing design artwork, and recruiting international students. Also, thanks to my life partner, Pat, our life had been pretty content already. However, as much as we love what we do for living, I've always had the feeling that our life is somehow limited because of our jobs, the dreams that we talked about started to fade away. Therefore, I began to wonder, perhaps there's another way that we can break the limitation. That's when I found USANA & 642 system (which I'm really grateful for.)

It's been years since I've joined USANA. There're lots of stories to tell, lots of mood turning but I'll leave them til later. I can't say that we've reached the complete financial, health or time freedom, butt we're doing ok and we've already received lots of benefits from USANA in all aspects during these years. I might not be fast, but I'm sure one day we will reach where we want to go.

To sum up, my story isn't that fascinating, super positive or inspiring, I'm not good at creating that type of feeling either. Even though we sometimes would unconsciously contempt and honor the dark side of human nature in a very contradictory way, I still believe that there's always something good to look for, and something good will happen. I also hope and expect myself to retain the childlike enthusiasm towards life and never stop propagating the beauty of lives.

Perhaps we can only get to meet once, perhaps we can be friends, perhaps we can co-operate, perhaps we can become great partner in the future. No matter what, no matter where you're from, thank you for visiting.

All the best,

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我決定將這個部落格的風格改成像我的其他部落格一樣。我不再去敘述USANA有多棒、直銷/組織行銷可以怎麼樣改變你的生命、所有的事情有多美好,巴拉巴拉,因為1.我想你已經看得太多了(如果沒有,那應該也很好找得到) 2.人生總會是有起有落。與其談論這些,我寧可來說說我的感受以及我們生活當中的大小事情。











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