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My reset journey, was how I started to know USANA.

A tip for those who are going to reset: Don't RUSH! It's very important to get to know what are the benefits that Nutrimeals and every single nutrition supplement will bring you.
  • August, 2009
  • Height: 172cm
  • Weight: 83kg
  • Condition: Fatty liver, high triglycerides, back pain, unresponsive, inattentive, easy fatigue, headaches, knee pain, beer belly, constipation, hemorrhoids.
To be honest, I've known the problems for a long time but I've never really want to face them. Whenever people asked me why, I would just blame it on genetic problem and say: That's puffiness. Something in my family.

Until October, 2010. My sister, Sammi, invited me to 642 system's hall and listened to the testimonials. I was quite skeptical but also curious about the result. At the end, I told her that I wanted to try the Reset Program. Even though, I was still very hesitated. The thing is, I've tried weigh-losing products from another well-known direct selling company. Although I went from 70s kg to 60s kg back then, but as soon as I stopped, my weigh went over to 80kg. Because of that, emotionally I had to adjust quite a bit. So I didn't really start the program until January 2010. Here's the program that I followed and the progress:

Nutrimeals: 3-2-2-2-2-1 (First five days: 3 meals; The following weeks: 2 meals a day; Then 1 meal a day)
Nutrition Supplements: Essentials, Profavonol, Bio-Omega, and Active Calcium.

Perhaps it's because I was more determinate this time, or perhaps it's because the products are essentially different. But I didn't feel extremely hungry (If I felt a bit hungry, I would eat vegetable and fruit, that would keep me going.) Plus male metabolism is generally faster, I lost about 3~4 kgs for the first week (it's water weigh), but the appearance looked about the same. Then it stopped.

It stopped for quite a few weeks, there was a bit of reactions during the progress such as diarrhea, unknown back pain, headache, etc. To be completely honest, I thought about quitting. Thanks to Sammi and my god sister QQ, they gave me support and concepts about nutrition and human body. I began to realize why there's the stop and the reaction. So I stick to the program.

During the stop, no obvious weigh lost, but my colleagues said that my chin started to show. Till one Wednesday in March, 2010. It was a normal meeting day in the morning, then I started to feel uncomfortable during lunch. I almost threw up as soon as my lips touched the meat, the only thing I wanted to eat was vegetable... (which never happened to me before, cuz I'm a meat lover.) I started to have a fever within 2 hours so I took the afternoon off. The fever went by quick, I was okay the next morning.

It was quite an impressive day. After the instant fever, my weigh started to drop and my body was like a balloon losing air, started to shrink. I've already stopped using nutrimeal for about a month now, but I still take the nutritional supplements regularly. Then I realized the fever was a way to cleans my body, which also meant that my body cells were again active and functional enough to get rid of the toxic. Besides, my eating habit was also adjusted along the progress, I felt like my body was telling me what to eat or what not to eat (kinda like a pregnant woman, lol.) By this time, I officially said goodbye to the metabolic syndrome.
  • May, 2010
  • Height: 172cm
  • Wright: 72kg
  • Condition: Fatty liver gone, normal triglycerides, more active, bye bye beer belly, and no more constipation or hemorrhoids.

I thought that was it, and I was also worried that I might gained weight again, or even went over before I started the program. Luckily after 5 months, not only I didn't gain weigh, it even slowly dropped to the ideal standard. I've also noticed that my allergy problem was eased a lot. My old friends said I looked younger, so they started to follow the Reset Program as well. Some people might think the progress is too slow, but the truth is that I've searched lots of fast weigh-losing ways, it turned out that they are not suitable for me. Reset Program is one of the many weigh-lose programs, but it definitely is the healthiest and the most beneficial one for myself.

It's been almost 2 years, I've always maintained this condition. I'm thankful to USANA for bringing me a healthier lifestyle and I'm gald that I can share it with you.
  • October, 2010
  • Height: 172cm
  • Wright: 69kg
  • Condition: Feeling nice~


  • 2009年8月
  • 身高:172公分
  • 體重:83公斤
  • 狀況:脂肪肝、三酸甘油酯過高、腰酸背痛、反應遲鈍、精神不集中、易疲倦、偏頭痛、膝蓋酸痛、啤酒肚、便秘、痔瘡。


  • USANA營養餐:3-2-2-2-2-1 (前五天:三餐營養餐; 接下來幾週: 兩餐營養餐; 最後一餐營養餐)
  • USANA營養素:基礎套裝、葡萄籽精華、魚油、活力鈣鎂片



  • 2010年5月
  • 身高:172公分
  • 體重:72公斤
  • 狀況:脂肪肝沒了、三酸甘油酯正常、比較有活力、啤酒肚慢慢消了、不再便秘、痔瘡也沒有再來了。


  • 2010年10月
  • 身高:172公分
  • 體重:69公斤
  • 狀況:感覺很好。


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